Soal Toefl Bahasa Inggris

Tuesday, 4 June 20130 comments

1. ..... Indra and Dadan go to anandas village for holiday next year?.
a. will
b. did
c. does
d. are

2. Ikbal anda thomas ..... the soccer matches at Bung Karno next year.
a. would watch
b. will watch
c. watched
d. watching

3. Sarah and Istihori ..... employee of a company next year.
a. will
b. am
c. will be
d. would be

4. My mother and my father ..... to visit my grandpa last year.
a. want
b. goes
c. go
d. going

5. Lisa anda Dian ..... at home night.
a. are
b. is
c. was
d. were

6. Risda and Suci ..... new bags last later.
a. buy
b. buys
c. bought
d. buying

7. Rifa and Bundan ..... MIRWANTI friends.
a. is
b. are
c. was
d. were

8.Saddam ..... a smart person.
a. are
b. is
c. was
d. were

9. Aditya and Prio ..... to mosque every friday to pray.
a. wiil go
b. go
c. goes
d. going

10. Nick .... good work for his test every semester.
a. got
b. get
c. gotton
d. gets

11. Satya and Yusha ..... their researches to their advisor every month.
a. shows
b. showed
c. show
d. shown

12. Mr Rovi ..... Mahardibata's adviser for his research.
a. does not
b. do not
c. is not
d. are not

13. Fauziah ..... have his driving lisence yet.
a. does not
b. do not
c. is not
d. are not

14. ..... Sukesi and Selly design the program yet
a. did
b. does
c. do
d. doing

15. Active: Danang and Nining will watch a movie next saturday night.
    Passive: a movie will be watched by them next saturday night.

16. Passive: Yudika is treated well by his classmates.
    Active: His classmates treat Yudika well.

17. Passive: Evalina and Fachmi are greated by Reza every time they meet.
    Active: Reza(he) greets evalina and fahmi every time they meet.

18. Passive: Nova was visited by Richie and Sheila last month.
    Active: Richie and Sheila visited Nova last month.

19. Active: Risky and tony play soccer every sunday.
    Passive: Soccer is played by Risky and Tony.

20. What ..... Raditya study his collage every monday?
a. does
b. did
c. do
d. is

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