Soal Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

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Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

01. If she do not return soon, he will not meet Ruri.
                   a         b                       c        d

02. There wouldn’t be so many accidents if there was traffic lights at this intersection.
                    a                                 b                      c                 d

03.  If we went to bed early every night, we wouldn’t been so tired all the time.
                 a                               b                      c                      d

04. The teacher will given a party for them if all the students pass their final examination.
                            a      b                                              c            d

05. Ann eats the least of the other three girl.
               a           b                   c              d

06. As a driver, Bagas drivers everyday, He drives the faster than my brother.
                                      a                                b           c          d

07. Danu is a hard worker. He work harder than Tisna.
                a                b              c        d

08. This shoes are the most expensive of all.
        a                b       c                              d

09. Kezia are having his father contact the official
                a        b                       c                  d

10. The girl will get the Piano buy next week.
              a     b    c                    d

11. The teacher get the students to write composition everyday.
        a                  b                          c                d

12. Doni got his sister to repaired the toys for him yesterday.
                a                  b       c               d

13. An exhibition will be holded by the government next month.
        a                     b          c                      d     

14. Hundred of people visit the Monument National everyday.
           a                           b              c                         d

15. Five buildings has been constructed by that big company.
                  a              b                 c                                 d

16. Mr. Postman delivers the mails to this office before 9 a.m.
                              a                b         c       d

17. A friend of mine which father is the manager of a company helped me to get a job.
                                  a                 b                                                c                d

18. Harry is going to buy the house whose we have been thinking of buying.
                  a             b                          c                                 d

19. He paid the money to the man who had did the work.
             a                            b             c          d    

20. The President whom advisors have quit is giving a press conference.
                                a            b                          c                           d


21. Dana’s car is ____________ expensive than mine.
a. more
b. most
c. as
d. the

22. Sacie is is the ____________ athletic of all the women.
a. less
b. little
c. least
d. littlest

23. This year’s exhibit is as _________ last year’s.
a. the impressive
b. more impressive
c. impressive then
d. impressive as

24. Ritza is abeautiful singer. She sings _________ than the other.
a. most beautiful
b. more beautiful
c. as beautiful
d. the beautiful

25. She __________ if I had not reminded her.
a. should have forget
b. might have forgotten
c. should forgot
d. may forget

26. If I (pay, not) _____ the bill, I would get into a lot of troubles
a. didn’t paid
b. didn’t pay
c. wasn’t pay
d. wasn’t paid

27. We would not have lost our money if we _______ the bag in the car.
a. had left
b. would have left
c. would left
d. left

28. If I ________ a motorbike, I would follow the road race.
a. have
b. will have
c. had
d. would had

29. _______ several new proposals being considered by the committee?
a. Does
b. Is
c. Are
d. Do

30. The money ______stolen by one of the servants
a. has
b. will
c. are
d. had been

31. The birthday party _________celebrated in swimming pool now.
a. had
b. is being
c. was
d. has been
32. Last night the hunter __________ a tiger
a. caught
b. is caught
c. will catch
d. catch

33. Here is a book _________ describes animals
a. who
b. whom
c. which
d. whose

34. The man ________ beard caught on the fire when he lit a cigarette poured a glass of water on his face.
a. whose
b. which
c. who
d. whom

35. The people _______ we visited yesterday were very nice.
a. which
b. who
c. whose
d. whom

36. I haven’t finished reading this book _________ you lent to me last week.
a. whom
b. which
c. who
d. whose
37. Where did you _____ the piano bought last week?
a. had
b. is having
c. have
d. has

38. Dian had us ________ composition everyday.
a. write
b. written
c. to write
d. to written

39. I am _______ my shoes ______.
a. getting/repair
b. having/repaired
c. have/repair
d. get/repaired

40. Bella _________her dress sent from Paris next year.
a. got
b. getting
c. get
d. gets

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19 July 2013 at 16:41

Terima kasih soalnya............terus posting gan..

19 July 2013 at 20:00

@Kumpulan soal bahasa inggris Iya sama-sama mas . Iya saya akan terus posting,mampir lagi ya lain kali :)

30 September 2017 at 02:44

makasih bang. ane buat latihan nih wakakkaka
kalo bisa sampe 100 bang buat TOEFL ane nih latihan

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